Apr 15, 2015 - Apr 19, 2015

Spazio Cerere - Roma

curated by Valentina Moncada

Costanza Alvarez de Castro with her exibition “Portraits” presents for the very first time to the public her work as a painter. Starting from reality and analyzing it in all its details, the artist searches for the evocative nature of painting in still life, people and animals. Even though she makes use of traditonal iconographies, her work conveys a rich depthness through the use of a modern language, given by the density of the colours and the enveloping neutral backgrounds that recall those used in photographic studios.

Through 13 works, of both big and medium size, as well as a series of works of smaller dimensions, the artist captures the essence of the subject matter, whether it is a person, an animal or simply a fruit, at a pictorial level through great precision but most of all at an emotional level revealed with ease and simplicity. In this context, the painting technique becomes the medium for conveying emotions in the same way as a dancer uses her body. A portrait, for Costanza Alvarez de Castro, is never a mechanical reproduction of the subject matter but an expression of her artistic sensibility, that brings together painting with her passion for theatre and dance.