Natura in Scena

Nov 5, 2016 - Nov 17, 2016

Spazio makemake | spazio e arte - Via del boschetto 121, 00184, Roma

curated by Giovani Argan

On November 5th Natura in Scena will open, a personal exhibition by Costanza Alvarez de Castro, curated by Giovanni Argan. The exhibition will present to public the last production of this young roman artist, which poetry rotates around a dialogue between realism and classicism. Costanza Alvarez interprets the role of a director by imagining a stage where people, fruits and animals recite a silent script. An intense light surrounds subjects emphasizing their volumes and presence. Behind curtains there is only darkness. By observing details and paint strokes we notice an Italian and Flemish paint influence of the end of ‘500 to ‘600, at the same time, through the powerful chiaroscuro, we can feel Caravaggio’s lesson. Costanza Avarez places her subjects in empty spaces so that she can turn all her attention into her subjects. The artist investigates Nature deep inside, giving to it a new dimension where subjects appear in the poetic mystery of their essence.

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Video by Nicola Pietromarchi

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