San Francesco da Paola – sixcentenary of his birth

Jul 24, 2016 - Mar 24, 2016

Palazzo della Prefettura - Cosenza - Italy

curated by Roberto Bilotti

The exhibition curated by Roberto Bilotti took place in Cosenza to celebrate the six-centenary of San Francesco di Paola’s birth in the Palazzo della Prefettura of Cosenza the 24th of march 2016.

50 artworks from contemporary artists were exposed. Through their work  they have rediscovered S. Francesco’s person and mission, his social and religious actions and our historical and cultural values. San Francesco is the more international Calabrian figure: he is also a Parisian patron, Picasso second name was Francesco di Paola, important churches are dedicated to him all around the world.

This exhibition with artworks from XXI century is connected to the room of ancient painters from ‘500 to ‘800 in the National Gallery of Palazzo Arnone where around 20 iconographic works about San Francesco are exposed, paintings and sculptures from Bilotti collection.

28,5.++Martiniello, 2016, olio su tela, 100x50cm, Palazzo della Provincia di Cosenza, Italia M image1